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  • Six Steps to Developing a Unique Sense of Style: Self Evaluation

    beckons-yoga-clothing-six-steps-part 1

    Welcome to Part 1: Self Evaluation.

    Thank you, Tracy Gnojek of Seattle, for letting us use your photo. We ran into Tracy in the Ballard neighborhood, shopping at Couch, and were super impressed with her unique sense of style.

    Let's begin the process of defining our style . . .

    Step 1: Take Stock of Who You Are (A.K.A Self Evaluation)

    First, we need to separate out what is true about ourselves from what we assume people think about us. What makes us unique from those around us? In an effort to identify the true self and self image, ask yourself the following questions, physically writing down the answers in a journal or notebook: Continue reading

  • The Benefit of Asking for Advice

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    While on a recent trip to visit my daughter in Seattle, I came across this hilarious plaque. It struck me as funny because my daughter's boyfriend had just talked about how frustrating it is when people ask advice and then do not take it. Here is my opinion on advice:

    People ask for advice to help identify their true answer. Personally, I have a panel of experts (close friends and family that I respect completely), who I bounce things off of. Each presents back to me their idea of what I should do, based on personal experiences and filters. Through this input, I receive the information and listen to my internal reaction. Depending on how it sits with me, I make an authentic decision based on my truth. Some people's advice makes me think, "Nope, I will definitely not do that." Another's advice might make me react, "Something like that." Yet another's might result in a, "That's it!" All are important to the process.

    Your advice may not be followed but it is just as important to the recipient as a tool to reach his or her own decision. Give it freely and without expectation.

  • I am Worthy of Love

    Beckons Yoga Clothing heart shoe stringsSay out loud, "I am worthy of love." Was that uncomfortable for you? Do you feel it is true? Does it feel forced? Did your internal tape recording kick in saying, "If I was thinner, smarter, wealthier, better looking, I would be worthy." Whether you ARE worthy or not doesn't matter. What matters is .  .  . that you BELIEVE you are worthy.

    I just listened to a TED talk by Brene Brown called The Power of Vulnerability. You can watch this inspirational video here:


    Continue reading

  • Be Limitless in 2014

    limitless in 2014 by beckons yoga clothing Happy New Year!

    Each year at this time we talk about goal setting. Some years back I decided to set an intention for my year, rather than merely setting goals. My original theme was Open to Receiving (you can read about it by clicking the blue link). I put no limitations on it and had no expectations. Initially I was thinking I was open to receiving love. But because I set no further directives, I began to receive all sorts of things: love, gifts, raffle items, wonderful advice, and new opportunities. I kept that theme for three years. Now, I am very comfortable with receiving. That is no longer an issue in my life.

    After some intense thought on the subject, I have determined that my theme for 2014 is: Limitless!

    Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds. - Napoleon Hill

    I know that I am the one limiting my success and growth. Fear, expectations, insecurities, doubts, all limit me. I am happy to open myself to new opportunities, the next big thing, new friends, new challenges . . . to be limitless. Join me and let's see what happens. Please share your limitless experiences on the Beckons Yoga Clothing FaceBook page.



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