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  • About Designer and Owner Becky Prater

    Designer Becky Prater Peyton Prater and Jan BoddickerBecky Prater (center) is an inspired artist, a creative spirit, a yoga convert, and a career designer. Having worked for more than 25 years in apparel design—she’s created everything from wedding dresses and children’s clothing, to beachwear and dance costumes—Becky wanted to create clothing that reflects true intention, and founded Beckons organic yoga clothing.

    Clothing has always been a passion of Becky’s—she noticed early on how much impact clothing had on her, and believes that our clothing significantly impacts how we perform in life. She began designing clothing at the age of four, expressing herself through fashions she made for her Barbie dolls.

    Later, Becky learned to sew in 4-H, having her mother, Jan Boddicker (right), as her teacher. She would often design a garment on paper before school, and return home to find that her mom had taken the design and sewn it into a garment. She went on to get a Bachelor’s of Fashion Design and a Master’s in Marketing. Over the years, she has worked for consumer brands like Big Dogs and Boarder Patrol. She also created a line of children’s clothing, designed for a New York dance company, Complexions, and custom designed wedding apparel.

    Enter yoga…

    Becky took up—and fell in love with—yoga in 2005. She was particularly grateful for yoga’s ability to bring her serenity against a backdrop of a hectic, busy, demanding lifestyle. What she was discouraged by, however, was yoga clothing—she found there to be an overabundance of neutral colors, and the clothing all seemed suited for particularly petite women. That’s when Becky created Beckons.

    Becky has comprehensively studied cultures and religion, as well as the psychology of color, to extract commonalities and inject aspects of universal “good” into each of her Beckons garments. She remains passionate about experimenting with color and fabric, and to this day, Becky personally designs every garment in the Beckons organic yoga clothing line.

    In addition to designing Beckons organic yoga clothing, Becky teaches fashion entrepreneurship classes at the Art Institute of Colorado. In this position, she is able to share her expertise and daily experiences with design and retail management students, who, in turn, help her navigate her own business challenges and triumphs. Becky enjoys gaining fresh perspectives, and input on design, marketing, styling and social media from her students.

    Becky’s intention is to design clothing that inspires you, as an individual, and makes you feel positive, powerful, and vibrant; clothing that is luxuriously comfortable, brightly colorful, and helps you speak your purpose. Learn more about Beckons organic yoga clothing’s clothing or Shop Now.

  • Weston Hall photographs Amy Olson and Irwin Kubilius in Beckons

    Thank you, Amy Olson, for sending these incredible photos to Beckons – you make us proud. These pictures feature AcroYoga and Arial Dance performers, Amy Olson and Irwin Kubilius, doing AcroYoga on the beach at the Great Salt Lake. Amy is wearing one of Beckons original Love Lace-up Halters. Read more about Amy and Irvin following the photos.
    Weston Hall Photo of Amy Olson in Beckons Yoga Clothing Love Halter TopWe wanted to share these outstanding photos taken by Weston Hall. Were these taken on another planet? WOW! Weston specializes in capturing people in ways you have never seen before. His site will blow you away. You have to check it out! The link to Weston's website is: www.westonhallphotography.com
    Weston Hall Photo of Amy Olson back arching in Beckons Yoga Clothing Love HalterAmy Olson teaches and performs AcroYoga and Aerial Dance for Aerial Arts of Utah, an Aerial Dance and Circus Arts company based in Salt Lake City, UT.  When she is not teaching or performing she enjoys giving massage, doing paddle-board yoga, hiking, skiing and gardening.  She blends her love of movement arts, healing arts and human connection into her classes, workshops and performances. If you live in the Salt Lake City area or find yourself there on a vacation, check out her wide array of classes. Paddle-board yoga sounds like a dream. You will find her site at: www.acroamazing.com
    Weston Hall Photo of Amy Olson lifted in Beckons Yoga Clothing in Love Halter TopIrwin Kubilius is a certified auto technician, avid climber, skier, mountain biker and unicyclist. He brings his passion for building new forms to partner yoga and AcroYoga. He enjoys the challenge of working with a partner and sharing AcroYoga and the circus arts with others.
    Thank you for sharing these photos with us. You are truly beautiful in your Beckons Love Lace-up Halter, Amy. Weston, we are completely honored to be featured in your stunning photography. Amy is wearing Beckons Love Lace-Up Halter in lime and black.
  • Fashion Shows in Film

    Every once in a while I will be watching an old film and right in the middle of the film there is this awkwardly placed fashion show. I believe they were intended to showcase the costume designer's work who created the clothing for the actors in the film. I love this idea. And who doesn't love a good fashion show. Here is a list of movies that feature fashion shows. This list was compiled by my cousin, Kris DeForest, who knows about film. Enjoy and please let us know if we have left a movie off the list.

    fashion shows in filmMovies Featuring Fashion Shows

    Singing in the Rain (1952)
    It's a Great Life (1929)
    Fashions of 1934 (1934) - Bette Davis
    How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)
    The Women (1939)
    Sweethearts (1938)
    Back Street (1961)
    Designing Woman (1957)
    A New Kind of Love (1963) - Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
    Funny Face (1957) - Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire
    Easter Parade (1948)
    Vogues of 1938 (1937)
    Lucy Gallant (1955)
    Cover Girl (1944) - more like a magazine cover sequence
    Roberta (1935)
    Lovely to Look At (1952) - a remake of Roberta
    Who are You, Polly Magoo? (1966)
    Fellini's Roma (1972)
    Mahogany (1975)
    Liquid Sky (1982)
    True Stories (1986)
    Absolute Beginners (1986)
    Slaves of New York (1989)
    Paris is Burning (1990) - drag fashion show
    Pret a Porter (Ready to Wear) (1994)
    Zoolander (2001)
    Kinky Boots (2005)
    Bruno (2009)
    and possibly Made in Paris (1965)
    also reportedly, one in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead (1991)
  • Beckons Donates to the Waldo Canyon Fire Victims

    The Waldo Canyon fire burned 18,000+ acres of land; 32,000 people were evacuated from their homes, with 346 houses completely destroyed in the mountain neighborhoods west of Colorado Springs. This fire is identified as the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history. Beckons is helping the victims by donating yoga clothing to those who have lost homes and all their possessions in the fire.

    Women's Resource AgencyIt is hard to imagine losing everything. Even those homes that were not destroyed have experienced severe smoke damage. We felt like we had to do our part to help out, considering this is in our own backyard. Beckons is a Denver-based yoga clothing company. As a result, Beckons has made a large clothing donation to those who have lost all their clothes in the fire. Partnering with the Women’s Resource Center of Colorado Springs, Beckons organic cotton yoga clothing will be available at the Women’s Resource Center for any of the victims who have lost their homes and all their possessions or who have smoke damage rendering their possessions useless. The Women’s Resource Center is located in the Citadel Mall on the second floor. You will find Beckons yoga capris, yoga pants, yoga tops, and items that can be worn throughout the day, like organic cotton sweaters, dresses and skorts.

    We hope the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire find some comfort in our bright, organic cotton yoga clothing. Our hearts go out to all of you who have lost everything and we hope this helps a little bit.
  • Adi Carter and Beckons in Puerto Rico

    Adi Carter Yoga Slacker Video wearing beckons yoga clothingMy dear friend, Adi Carter, sent us this great instructional video demonstrating transitions in slacklining. She is a key member of the Yoga Slackers, a wonderful, adventurous group of teachers who travel around the world teaching yoga, acro-yoga and slackline yoga. Check out the Yogaslackers website. In the second section, Adi is wearing the Love Yoga Capri in boysenberry and Love Shrug in charcoal. You make us proud, Adi Carter. Check out this slackline video vimeo.com/43669447

  • Ana Hoop Dancing in The Love Skort


    I just wanted to tell you all how much I love my love yoga skorts! I got them for hoop dancing and they are perfect. I thought I'd send you the links to a few pictures. The skorts are awesome!


    Ana Hoop in Beckons Love Yoga SlortThank you so much for sharing your pictures with us. You are beautiful and make us proud! Ana is wearing the Love Yoga Skort.

  • It is What it is

    People have a tendency to evaluate everything that happens, both good and bad. For instance, you wake up in the morning and stub your toe walking to the bathroom. This leads to the analysis, “Ouch! This is going to be one of those days. That is so frustrating! I hate it when I do that.”

    You spend a good 5 minutes mulling over the event, fitting it into your mental system and having this event impact the success of the day going forward. Now, imagine if you stub your toe and think nothing of it - end of event, no impact on the day ahead.

    The theme of my new year is to move forward in my life evaluating less. Cutting it out completely may take awhile. Two full months into my new method of living, I find that my mental activity is much less chaotic and drama-filled. I am no longer wrestling with the things that happen.
    I hate the phrase, “It is what it is.” But, dang it, if that is not the best way to meet the things that happen to us everyday. Our fretting about them or analyzing them doesn’t change the situation.
    Beckons Yoga Clothing Love Halter Top in Purple
    Putting this into practice in my clothing design business is essential. Recently, I received some great Love Lace-up Halters back from the manufacturers (who I love.) One color combination that resulted in the best photo of the item, deep purple and butter, came back half with black on the reverse side rather than butter. So now, I have a batch of deep purple and black halters. Huh. Nothing I can do about it now - end of story. I will post the products on the site and see what happens. Indeed, I will step up my communication next time to minimize the error happening again, but for now. It is what it is.
    Try this with me. Allow things to be without wrapping emotion around them. Let’s touch base in a few months to see how our lives have changed as a result. Keep me posted when you notice a difference.
  • Beckons Goes to Kenya

    In July, Beckons partnered with Vital Yoga of Denver to bring organic clothing to the Samburu Tribe of Kenya. Micah Springer, co-owner of the flourishing Denver-based Vital Yoga Studio visited this colorful community, bringing along 100 pounds of Beckons clothing to give to the Samburu women. Here are a sweet photos of Penina, wearing her Beckons Yoga Top, and friends.

    Beckons Yoga Clothing Donated to Kenyan tribePenina (far right) is wearing a Beckons organic cotton wrap. And, yes, she has the hang tag pinned to her boob. When asked why she did this, Micah wrote, “Not only did she place your label over her nipple, but she insisted on wearing it too small!”
    Seldom do we get a glimpse into how we might impact others. I nearly cried when I read this next part. Micah shared more about Penina, saying, “She was so proud of her new/only top that she insisted on me taking photos of her with anyone who came around. The following day, while she was away from home, her house was robbed and they took everything! She told me that her new top saved her because she went out to show people and therefore was not at home when the thieves came through. They could have seriously hurt her.”
    Thank you, Micah Springer, for sharing this sweet story with us. We are glad Penina is safe and so proud that she is wearing our top.
    Micah and Desi Springer have chaperoned several groups of adventurers over to Kenya to experience the Samburu’s indigenous culture. They will be going again in March where they will take another batch of Beckons clothing and hopefully, a good bit of video of these great people.
    The Samburu are nomadic pastoralist, raising cattle, sheep and goats, moving camp to support the needs of their animals. They are extremely dependent on their animals for survival. The Samburu people live just north of the equator in the Rift Valley province of Northern Kenya.
    Read more about the Samburu people.
    Read more about Micah Springer and her relationship with the Samburu People. 
Visit Vital Yoga online or stop by one of their two studios and take a yoga class. 
Denver: 3955 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212, 303.477.8545
Golden: 1224 Washington, Golden, CO 80401, 303.279.3779
  • Adi Carter Yoga Slacking in Puerto Rico

    Adi in Beckons Yoga Clothing wearing Love Yoga CaprisAdi Carter has been a long-time supporter of Beckons. She is a member of the Yoga Slackers, conducting Acro Yoga workshops throughout the country. Thank you for sharing these incredible photos with us.

    Adi is sporting some Beckons Love Yoga Capri Leggings both photos. You make us proud, Adi!

    Her good friend, Kadri, shot these amazing pictures in Puerto Rico. You can find out more about Kadri at  www.kadrikurgun.com.

  • The Color Gray: the color of affluence and dependability

    Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and stability. It is perceived as classic, sleek and refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority. Gray is the color of compromise, occupying all the space between black and white.

    The Color Grey Beckons Yoga Clothing meaning of greyIt is said that gray is the color around which creative people are most creative. Gray is a neutral color that can enhance and intensify any other color it surrounds. My favorite version of gray is silver. This gorgeous white gold and raw diamond ring is from Boulder, Colorado artist, Todd Reed. I bought it a few years back and can wear it with anything.

    High-end car companies, in an effort to make a luxurious statement, often use gray in their advertising. Gray is the color of affluence, seriousness, dependability and stability, the perfect message for car sales. In nature, everything gray is permanent including rocks, silver, and aluminum. It is associated with timeliness, practicality, and exclusivity (i.e. the platinum credit card).

    The psychology of gray suggests void, emptiness, and lack of movement. It has a detached and isolated feeling. Gray can have a cooling effect when placed next to other, more vibrant colors.

    Sadly, gray is often associated with old age (“gray-hairs”), indecision, death, taxes, illness, depression (gray skies ahead) or a lost sense of direction (gray area). Gray is unsettling and creates expectations. It is often considered boring and suggests a lack of character.

    How to use gray to affect your life:

    Gray clothing suggests efficiency and is often used in the business world to send a stabilizing, dependable message. It is a great color for negotiations. As a result, the gray business suit has long been a perfect choice for lawyers, bankers and other professionals. Too much gray, however, will suggest lack of character, initiative and detachment. If you are working in these fields, remember to pair gray with other vibrant colors.

    Recently it has been used as the “new black” to provide a fresh, clean variation on the slimming, sleek presentation of black.

    A bit of gray will add that rock-solid feeling to your look, room or product.

    When deciding what to wear to a job interview gray is a great choice if your intention is to show your future boss that you’re responsible. Make sure to add a deliberate splash of another color to stand out from the crowd. Send a complementary message about your acumen for managing money with a splash of green.

    Silver, my favorite presentation of gray, can be added to most any outfit to shine it up and make you look sophisticated, sparkly, and radiant.

    According to feng shui, gray is associated with metal and is the color of friendship, helpful people and travel. It encourages self-control and self-sufficiency. It is best used in the feng shui bagua areas of creativity and children (right center area), helpful people and travel (right front of space), and career (front center of space). Using the compass method, gray is recommended for the West, Northwest or North sections of your space.

    Gray is a great color for your home office or entryway and should be avoided in the bedrooms. Used as an accent color, it will enliven and boost the effect of other colors surrounding it. To balance a very earth living room (in my helpful people and travel section), I painted the far fireplace wall metallic silver, paired that with citrus green walls and now have a space everyone enjoys being in.

    Gray gemstones are healing stones and can assist in stabilizing relationships; these include hematite, black pearl, drusy, smoky quartz, silver, platinum, steel aluminum, and my favorite, raw diamonds.

    By common consent gray hairs are a crown of glory; the only object of respect that can never excite envy. – George Bancroft.

    For more information on color, please check out the previous posts:

    Introduction: Using Color to Change Your Life.

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