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  • Ana Bogusky Wearing Beckons Grace Hemp Sweater on Her Blog

    Ana-Bogusky-beckons-yoga-clothing-hemp-sweater-one"I wear my sweater a bunch. It's so cute and warm and it fits right in my tote bag so I end up taking it everywhere!" —Ana Bogusky

    Thanks for including us on your blog, Ana! Here is the link to the post.
    Ana-Bogusky-beckons-yoga-clothing-hemp-sweater-twoAna Bogusky, a Boulder, CO blogger, uses her blog to celebrate folks like Beckons who make things here in the US. She shared these adorable photos of her wearing the Beckons Grace Hemp Sweater on her site http://mrsamericanmade.tumblr.com

    We truly appreciate Ana spreading the word about American made products.

  • What Do I Wear For Yoga?

    Beckons Yoga Clothing What to Wear for Yoga blogHas "add yoga to my workout" been on your to-do list for a while?

    Your excuse: "I don't know what to wear."

    I want to make sure this is not your excuse. I am here to help. If you know someone in this situation please forward this blog.

    This is the series introduction, the first blog in a series about what to wear for yoga. In this series, we will talk about basic requirements for yoga clothing, what fabric to look for in yoga clothing, choosing your yoga top, picking the perfect yoga bottoms, accessorizing your outfit and different clothing considerations for the different types of yoga. We hope this information provides you with some comfort in knowing you can step into a yoga class and learn without concern.

    The point of yoga is to encourage calmness, control and flexibility. So, naturally, choosing your yoga outfit should be stress free. Following some basic clothing guidelines will allow you to focus on your breath, movement and postures, not your clothing.

    Beckons-yoga-clothing-meditation-hoodie-jacketMain Requirements for Yoga Clothing

    Ÿ1. Maximum comfort. Enables complete freedom of movement; must be stretchy, preferably a knit fabric with lycra.

    2. Not too loose, so:

    —Teachers can see your knee alignment and make adjustments.
    —Your clothing stays in place when you are in an inverted position.
    —You privates zones are not revealed, out of respect for fellow students.

    3. Wear layers. It is important to begin with a warm, comfortable layer on top to help raise your body temperature to loosen muscles at the beginning of the class. This layer can be removed throughout the class as your body warms up. During Savasana (motionless relaxation at the end class), this layer will help prevent chills while you cool down.

    4. Yoga is practiced barefoot. Socks are not recommended because you need your feet to grip (Gripping socks made just for yoga are available.)

    Two Additional Tips About Yoga Clothing

    1. Don't fret about whether or not you are fashionable. Yoga is supposed to be about personal relaxation and introspection. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.
    2. Always try out some practice moves before you leave home. That way, you'll know for sure you can move freely in class.

    We hope this helps you feel more comfortable and confident in the yoga studio. Watch for the next part in the series: Choosing The Right Fabric.

  • It's Time for Pumpkin Cookies: Here is Our Recipe

    Pumpkin Cookies by Beckons Yoga ClothingPumpkin Cookie Recipe

    By Becky Prater (Adapted by Peyton Prater to use a whole regular size can of pumpkin, which is 1.75 cups)

    Cream together well:

    7/8 cup of butter
    1 ¾ cup of sugar

    Add to the above and mix well:

    1 can of pumpkin (1.75 cups)

    Then, add the following:

    3 1/2 cups of white flour
    1 ¾ tsp baking powder
    1 ¾ tsp baking soda
    1 ¾ tsp ground cinnamon
    ½ tsp of salt

    Heat oven to 375. Drop spoonfuls onto an un-greased baking sheet. Bake until lightly brown about 10 minutes.

    When cool, frost with cream cheese frosting:

    In a food processor, combine until smooth:

    8 oz. of softened cream cheese
    ¾ stick of butter
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 ¾ cups of powdered sugar

  • You Have to Love Fall for the Mums

    Pink mums inspire Beckons Yoga Clothing

    I love these gorgeous pink mums with yellow edges. Hooray for fall!

  • Curious Shoes for Unique People by Fluevog


    First pair of Fluevogs for inspiration Beckons Yoga ClothingIn the early 90's I was driving along a Los Angeles area road, heading out to the beach. I happened upon what I believe was the John Fluevog Shoe outlet. I bought my first two pairs of Fluevogs that day—neither one fit me. Above is a photo of the size 5 shoe (I am a happy 8.5). I just wanted them to sit on my shelf because to me they were ART. I have since purchased many pairs of the unique and amazing shoes.

    Fluevog Shoes bought by Becky Prater of Beckons Yoga ClothingJohn Fluevog just opened a store in Denver Colorado. Mr. Fluevog himself, along with his beautiful wife, came to the grand opening. He signed these great blue suede shoes I bought. I have to give a shout out to my Cousin, Kris Deforest, and Aunts, Terrye Wiggins and Beth Kozlowski who gave me a birthday gift certificate to help purchase these great shoes. Check out Fluevog's amazing shoes.

  • Adi Carter and Luz Raquel Doing Acro Yoga in Beckons

    Adi Carter and Raquel doing acro yogo in Beckons Yoga ClothingOutstanding work, ladies! Adi Carter and Raquel of the Yoga Slackers visited Beckons headquarters, grabbed some yoga clothing and did a mini photoshoot for us doing acro yoga over the pond. Adi is wearing our newest piece—the Open Cardigan Cashmere Sweater in cherry. Looks comfortable and versatile. Both yogis have on the Love Lace-up Halter and Love Lace-up Capris. Thanks for being a part of Beckons!

    Adi Carter and Luz Raquel Doing Acro Yoga in Beckons Yoga Clothing

  • More Beautiful Women Can Wear Beckons

    Beckon Yoga Clothing adding plus size yoga pants to collectionWe are thrilled to announce that we have added plus size 2XL/XXL (16-18) to two of our yoga pants. We are now offering the Wisdom Yoga Pant in black and sugar and Wisdom Ruffled Capri in black, charcoal and sugar in sizes XS-XXL. At the end of November, we will have them in grape and a super dark teal and will let you know when the colors arrive. In the spring, we hope to add more styles in the XXL along with some bright colors in all sizes. Our goal is for all women to feel beautiful. Spread the word!

  • Amy Olson Celebrating Fall with AcroYoga

    Acro Yoga Amy Olson in Beckons Yoga ClothingAmy Olson, Kimberly Preston and Ben Bowen are doing Acro Yoga.  Amy is wearing the Beckons Love Lace-up Halter and Love Shorts. Amy and Kimberly both teach AcroYoga and Thai massage in Salt Lake City.  They can be found teaching at Aerial Arts of Utah and Yoga Upstairs.  Ben Bowen is a yogi and massage therapist in Salt Lake City who works at We Are Yoga. This photo shoot was taken by Weston Hall at Alta ski resort.

    Thanks Amy, for sharing this great photo with #beckonsorganic!

  • Put Your Money Where Your Beliefs Are

    September 29, 2013 I was honored to be a guest blogger on www.blackdogasana.com. Here is a reprint of the blog.

    Beckons Yoga Clothing Spending Money BlogDame Julie Andrews (yes, from the Sound of Music), in a recent graduation speech at the University of Colorado, asked the college graduates to not only do random acts of kindness, but also do very deliberate acts of kindness, ones that represent their belief system and values. This involves some soul-searching and researching to find the best place to give your time and money so your actions match your value system. Such mindfulness applies to the way you spend, as well as donate, your money everyday. Each dollar spent strengthens the company you give it to. It is essential that we make our spending count.

    One positive outcome of the recent downturn of the economy has been that people are making careful decisions about how they spend money. More people are intentionally spending money and supporting businesses that represent their values. Likewise, more companies are recognizing the need to stand for something and give back. For instance, apparel company All Saints supports an initiative to fight human trafficking and end modern day slavery. Prana Clothing supports a myriad of initiatives including helping entrepreneurs find a market for their technology. Tom’s shoes donates one pair of shoes for every pair sold.

    Define what is important to you, do some research, and buy products from companies that support those same beliefs, be it products that are made in America or companies who support cancer research. One great resource for researching businesses trying to make a difference is Greenamerica.org’s Responsible Shopper page.

    Make your dollar count by spending it with intention.

    At Beckons Yoga Clothing, we try to make a difference by manufacturing in Colorado, where we live and work, creating jobs in our community. We use organic cotton and other sustainable fibers in our garments. We donate clothing each season to several worthy causes. We strive to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. All the while, creating super comfortable, flattering and multi-purpose clothing for yoga and the lifestyle surrounding it.
  • The Business of Fast Fashion Video

    Click here to watch: The Business of Fast Fashion Video.

    Created by OnlineMBA.com, this short video about the growing business of fast fashion takes a critical look at how disposable clothing impacts the fashion industry as a whole.

    Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, credits Zara, the world's largest fast fashion retailer, for creating a "seasonless cycle for fashion." Brands such as Zara, H&M, Forever 21, and Topshop have taken catwalk fashion and brought it to the masses quickly and cheaply. Who can resist? Even loyal high-end customers have started mixing trendy, inexpensive pieces with their luxury brands. These fast fashion brands are creating disposable fashion. If you are only paying $20 for a pair of pants and you only wear them once, that seems to be OK. In fact, that is what fast fashion is all about.

    That is not OK with us. At Beckons, we are proud to be a part of the "slow fashion" movement. Talented sewers in Colorado make our clothing, we drive a short distance to work with them and pick up our clothing when it is ready. We build our products to last in both durability and styling. We all want to look good and feel good. We believe it is not trendy merchandise that makes this happen. Our priority is good design that flatters your figure and good quality fabric and construction that last a long time. Our products are more expensive because you are paying Americans to create great quality products that you can feel good about. Thanks, Zoe Gray and your team of researchers for producing this thought provoking video.

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