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It is What it is

People have a tendency to evaluate everything that happens, both good and bad. For instance, you wake up in the morning and stub your toe walking to the bathroom. This leads to the analysis, “Ouch! This is going to be one of those days. That is so frustrating! I hate it when I do that.”

You spend a good 5 minutes mulling over the event, fitting it into your mental system and having this event impact the success of the day going forward. Now, imagine if you stub your toe and think nothing of it - end of event, no impact on the day ahead.

The theme of my new year is to move forward in my life evaluating less. Cutting it out completely may take awhile. Two full months into my new method of living, I find that my mental activity is much less chaotic and drama-filled. I am no longer wrestling with the things that happen.
I hate the phrase, “It is what it is.” But, dang it, if that is not the best way to meet the things that happen to us everyday. Our fretting about them or analyzing them doesn’t change the situation.
Beckons Yoga Clothing Love Halter Top in Purple
Putting this into practice in my clothing design business is essential. Recently, I received some great Love Lace-up Halters back from the manufacturers (who I love.) One color combination that resulted in the best photo of the item, deep purple and butter, came back half with black on the reverse side rather than butter. So now, I have a batch of deep purple and black halters. Huh. Nothing I can do about it now - end of story. I will post the products on the site and see what happens. Indeed, I will step up my communication next time to minimize the error happening again, but for now. It is what it is.
Try this with me. Allow things to be without wrapping emotion around them. Let’s touch base in a few months to see how our lives have changed as a result. Keep me posted when you notice a difference.
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