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  • 6 Steps to Developing a Confident Sense of Style: Test Out Looks and Wear it With Gusto


    Step 5: Test Out Different Looks

    As mentioned in an earlier post, people are too busy worrying about themselves to keep notes on what you are doing or wearing. Try out new looks. Have fun testing different options to see what feels best to you. Thankfully, we have stores selling a plethora of used and cheap clothing to choose from when experimenting with different looks. Eventually, when you have a clear idea of your authentic look, you can invest in more expensive, higher quality pieces.

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  • Six Steps to Developing a Confident Sense of Style: Acquiring Perfect Pieces

    six steps part 4

    Yes, this means shopping!

    Next, you are ready to acquire the items you love that best represent the style you have begun to identify. Most importantly . . . buy only what you love. I recommended not buying anything unless it is the best clothing item you have seen and you cannot imagine living without it. We have all set out to find the perfect outfit to wear that very night to an important event. We search for hours and end up with something that is suitable, but not fantastic. Suitable will not do. Give yourself time to develop this new authentic wardrobe. Buy it only if it is fabulous.

    Just because something isn't trendy doesn't mean it's not cool or fashionable. Buy things you love. Don't be afraid to shop in thrift or vintage stores. Watch the movie Pretty in Pink. -Kris DeForest Continue reading

  • Six Steps to Developing a Unique Sense of Style: Seek Inspiration

    six steps part 3

    Thank you for your continued interest. If you are seeing this series for the first time, check out The Introduction, Part 1: Self Evaluation, and Part 2: Take Inventory so that you get the back story.

    This lovely photo is from The Sartorialist archives, specifically here. This blog is my go-to for inspiration on a daily basis. He photographs people all over the world, all ages, races, and sizes. I am ever impressed with the beauty this man finds in our everyday world. Please note when looking through his blog full of inspirational photos of glorious people, the subtle points of style, often simply involve some cool shoes or bright pop of color.

    Step 3: Seek Inspiration

    Now that you have made room for some fresh looks that best represent your true self, it is time to find those great pieces. Continue reading

  • Six Steps to Developing a Confident Sense of Style: Take Inventory

    six steps-2

    Welcome back. If you are seeing this series for the first time, check out The Introduction and Part 1: Self Evaluation so that you get the back story.

    Thank you, Maggie Aldworth, for letting us use this adorable photo of you walking the streets of NYC. Not everyone can sport such a cute pixie cut, but you wear it well!

    Now that you have spent some time thinking about who you are and how you want to present yourself. Let's take inventory of what we already have . . .

    Step 2: Take Inventory

    With a clearer sense of who you are and these five descriptive terms, it is time to assess what you currently own that fits the authentic you. Think about the outfit that makes you feel your best, as identified in the previous step. What about it is so special? How does it make you feel and why? What other garments in your current wardrobe do you love? What do you need to get rid of? What do you need to add to your wardrobe to present your unique style? Continue reading

  • Six Steps to Developing a Unique Sense of Style: Self Evaluation

    beckons-yoga-clothing-six-steps-part 1

    Welcome to Part 1: Self Evaluation.

    Thank you, Tracy Gnojek of Seattle, for letting us use your photo. We ran into Tracy in the Ballard neighborhood, shopping at Couch, and were super impressed with her unique sense of style.

    Let's begin the process of defining our style . . .

    Step 1: Take Stock of Who You Are (A.K.A Self Evaluation)

    First, we need to separate out what is true about ourselves from what we assume people think about us. What makes us unique from those around us? In an effort to identify the true self and self image, ask yourself the following questions, physically writing down the answers in a journal or notebook: Continue reading

  • Six Steps to Developing a Confident Sense of Style: Introduction


     by Becky Prater

    It is not always the pretty girl with the expensive clothes and handbag who people admire and want to be like. Often it is the person who has her own unique sense of style, walking around not noticing whether she fits in or not. She wears what she wants and has that "look" about her that no one else has. Think Zooey Deschanel with her spunky vintage-inspired style or Rhianna wearing sneakers with a dress. To some people, this uniqueness comes naturally, but for others, we have to work a bit harder to discover our true self and thus, unique style. How does a person do that? In this series we will present a six-step process for discovering and developing a unique sense of style. Continue reading

  • The Benefit of Asking for Advice

    Askhole cc















    While on a recent trip to visit my daughter in Seattle, I came across this hilarious plaque. It struck me as funny because my daughter's boyfriend had just talked about how frustrating it is when people ask advice and then do not take it. Here is my opinion on advice:

    People ask for advice to help identify their true answer. Personally, I have a panel of experts (close friends and family that I respect completely), who I bounce things off of. Each presents back to me their idea of what I should do, based on personal experiences and filters. Through this input, I receive the information and listen to my internal reaction. Depending on how it sits with me, I make an authentic decision based on my truth. Some people's advice makes me think, "Nope, I will definitely not do that." Another's advice might make me react, "Something like that." Yet another's might result in a, "That's it!" All are important to the process.

    Your advice may not be followed but it is just as important to the recipient as a tool to reach his or her own decision. Give it freely and without expectation.

  • What to Wear for Yoga: depending on the type yoga

    banner for special considerations blogWe hope you have found the previous posts about what to wear for yoga helpful. Missed them? Click here: bottoms, tops, accessories, fabrics. Today we are talking about what to wear based on the type of yoga you are doing, specifically Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram and Kundalini Yoga.

    What we wear for yoga depends a bit on what type of yoga we are going to do. While the basic requirements of maximum comfort, complete freedom of movement, not too loose, and wearing layers hold for all types of yoga, a few special considerations need to be taken into account depending on the style of yoga you are practicing.

    Determine the type of yoga you are doing

    Check the schedule to find out what type of yoga class you're attending. While there are many different styles of yoga, we will talk about the most common.

    Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga: Many beginner-level classes will either be Hatha or Vinyasa. Both are focused on coordinating movement with breath. Vinyasa, the most common type in America, is a little faster-paced and will involve more intense stretching, leg lifting and inversions.

    Iyengar Yoga: focuses on holding poses for longer periods of time giving you a chance to find your balance and appreciate the benefit of the stretch.

    What to wear: In the previous three types of yoga, the level of workout depends on how much effort you put into it. You may or may not sweat a lot. If you do not, then I would recommend wearing natural fibers like cotton or rayon from bamboo. They are supremely soft and enable maximum breathability of the skin. Having a bit of lycra or spandex in the fabric will enable the fabric to retain its shape and increase freedom of movement, while maintaining the unique benefits of the natural fiber.

    Love Yoga CaprisAshtanga or Power Yoga: These classes focus more on power and strength and involve constant movement between poses. Practitioners get a good cardio workout performing these poses.

    Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga class: The rooms are heated to approximately 105 degrees (40.6ºC) in order to induce detoxifying sweating. The heat encourages relaxing of muscles, which leads to deeper stretches.

    What to wear: For these high intensity forms of yoga, look for sweat-wicking fabrics to aid moisture management and keep the body dry. Most athletic clothing these days are made from nylon or polyester that has moisture management functionality. When you purchase these items, check the hangtag for details. With these types of yoga, less is more. Sports bras, crop tops or supportive bikinis along with small shorts are ideal for hot yoga. It is just too hot to wear long pants made of cotton.

    Kundalini yoga is one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond the physical performance of poses by emphasizing breathing, meditation, and chanting. The Kundalini sequences can be very physically intense.

    What to wear: Tradition dictates that students practicing Kundalini yoga wear white, like the Wisdom yoga Pants and top to the right, representing light and divine energy. According to Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, "A teacher wears white cotton clothing while teaching. White clothing makes you as a teacher look divine and represent light. The colour white represents the seven colours. Cotton is the flower of the Earth. It is good for your psyche, for your energy, and for your nervous system. Your way of dressing should be saintly and make you glow with grace."

    In summary, what to wear for yoga depends somewhat on what type of yoga you are doing. At Beckons, we believe it is important to wear organic cotton clothing for yoga because it allows for maximum breathability and comfort. If you are doing hot yoga choose our skimpier pieces. No matter what you wear to hot yoga you are going to remove it immediately and wash it. Remember, organic cotton is good for our planet and our bodies!

  • Testing Out New Product and Egg Salad Sandwiches

    peyton and I on mt princetionRecently my daughter, Peyton Prater, and I went on an adventure to test out our new fall Strength Long Sleeve T-shirt with thumbholes. It is supremely important to us at Beckons to make sure the garments fit well and move comfortably. Because it is in the middle of summer, we had to find a place with temperature fluctuations so we could get a good feel for how the bamboo, cotton, lycra fabric would manage moisture and various temperatures. We climbed Mt. Princeton in Colorado, a particularly rocky fourteener, on a beautiful day. Starting at 7:00 a.m. we were all layered up with tank tops, shorts, leggings, long sleeve tops, hats, mittens and an outerlayer. Through out the day we took off and put on all the layers repeatedly. At one point mid-day it began to snow. The new tops worked well, keeping us properly warm and dry despite the many changes in temperature and precipitation. Here is a better photo of the clothing, taken at the Colorado Gator Rescue near Alamosa.

    Becky and Peyton testing productThe best part about hiking is getting to the top and eating a glorious meal. We always bring the best food we can so that it is a great reward and respite before the descent. Our favorite top-of-the-mountain meal includes Boulder Chips, fancy chocolate and an egg salad sandwich. Now, this is no ordinary egg salad. It is the BEST! Here is the recipe:

    Best Ever Egg Salad Sandwich (makes 4 sammies)

    Thoroughly mix together the following in a medium sized bowl and spoon onto bread:

    • 8 hard-boiled eggs (peeled, cut up into small pieces, and put into a bowl)
    • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
    • 1/2 tsp Dijon Mustard
    • 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
    • a few dashes of Tabasco Sauce
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • cooked bacon (and lots of it. I use about 1/4 pound)
    • Bread (any kind you like. I like hearty breads, like Oatnut)

    It is best to throw the bacon in at the last minute so that it is crunchy when you eat it. Enjoy! We always take these sandwiches on road trips so that we are never tempted by the road side food along the way. Bon appetit!

  • About Beckons Yoga Clothing

    childs pose with halterBeckons organic yoga clothing: Made to love, to last, to speak…and to give back.

    Beckons organic yoga clothing was created in 2006 by designer Becky Prater, a Denver, Colorado resident with a passion for the power of clothing… its ability to make people feel, dramatically alter how they act, and change how they are perceived.

    When Becky created Beckons, she did so with the goal of creating every garment to be her customers’ favorite piece by using color, organic fabric and intentional words. Having developed a passion for yoga and its ability to offer peaceful respites from her high-energy life, Becky decided to design a line of clothing that is extraordinarily comfortable, versatile, and representative of the yoga lifestyle. She creates clothing that fits comfortaby and does not have to be readjusted after each yoga move. The sizing is based on traditional women's wear so that you do not have to size up to fit in Beckons yoga clothing.

    Each Beckons organic yoga clothing garment represents an aspect of yogic life through the small intention tag that contains a word representing an intention, such as strength, grace, wisdom, integrity, love, joy, peace, courage or balance. Using the powers of attraction, we believe wearing these words on our bodies beckons this quality to our life. Learn more about Becky Prater.

    Our planet and its people are equally as important as our profits

    Being socially responsible is chief among our commitments at Beckons organic yoga clothing—as such, we manufacture locally and use only the finest, sustainable fibers and organic cotton. This ensures, not only that we are reducing our negative impact on the planet, but also that every single Beckons organic yoga garment is superior in quality, comfort and durability.

    At Beckons, we feel it’s important to support organizations we believe in, use our clothing for good, and support our local economy. We are an official member of both the Green Business Network and the Organic Trade Association, and we actively support the YogaSlackers, an inspirational group of yogis who perform yoga on a slack line and tour the country teaching AcroYoga workshops.

    Beckons yoga clothing donates all our end-of-season merchandise to charity organizations to ensure it is worn again, instead of lying in a land fill. Find out more about our donations to the Samburu Tribe of Africa and the Women’s Resource Network.

    Why wear organic cotton?

    When you wear organic cotton clothing you are wearing considerably softer, much stronger fabric. This is because growing and harvesting cotton without harsh chemicals results in a much longer, stronger fiber. The harsh chemicals vastly degrade the quality of conventional cotton.

    By wearing organic cotton, you are also respecting the planet. That’s because the growth of conventional cotton requires massive quantities of pesticides, which have a tremendous impact on our environment, destroying the land and harming the farm workers. At Beckons, the choice to use 100% organic cotton is 100% clear. Read more about organic cotton.

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